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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blue Star Donuts - On the corner of SW Washington and 13th Ave in Portland, OR

It's conveniently located close to Powell's city of books, south west a few blocks.

In the birthplace of Voodoo Donuts, Blue Star Donuts is making a play for a piece of the market share. Voodoo has made their name using their own brand of quirky shock value that appeals to the not so grown up grownups that live and work in the the City of Roses; of course, their donuts are delicious too. Blue Star is differentiating themselves by spotlighting the fact that they use locally sourced, sustainable ingredients to create unique and exciting combinations for the pleasure of the discerning donut lover. On one wall, a sign reads:

"Our Donuts are made from a classic brioche recipe that originated in the south of France. The dough is made from scratch every day; we start with a certified sustainable bread flour from Shepherds Grain, add Cage Free eggs from Stiebrs Farms, mix in whole milk from Sunshine Dairy, and the fold in a European-style butter from Larsen's Creamery. All the fruits that go into our fillings and glazes are organic, and we only cook our donuts in rice oil. Our donuts are made fresh through out the day."

My experience at Blue Star Donut was exciting and intriguing. I savored each bite as one would nurse a particularly delicious glass of wine accompanying the meal it was designed to partner. I never would have thought that basil had any place in a donut shop; however, I found its role in the Blueberry Bourbon Basil donut to be critical. Basil is a sweet herb, bourbon (approximately 50% of the mash is comprised of corn) is sweet, an blueberries are, of course, sweet as well, and yet all three have a unique kind of sweetness that complement each other in a fascinating way. The blast of goodness that overwhelmed my taste buds was reminiscent of the Death Star, which combines the force of three beams into one mega beam! Only instead of destroying planets, Blue Star uses their power for good, thank heavens.

I feel confident in saying that I would enjoy any donut that comes from Blue Star as much as the Blueberry Bourbon Basil donut, and I would recommend this place confidently to anyone that has even the slightest appreciation for good food.

Price wise, I thought that the Blueberry Bourbon Basil and the Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib were well worth the $2.75 (each). You aren't just buying a donut... you are taking your taste buds to their happy-place.


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