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Monday, May 13, 2013

Sushi Takahashi 2 - On SW 5th, downtown and just south of I-405 in Portland, OR

I was pretty unimpressed with this place. My brother took me here. He said it's cheap and good. He was right about one, it's cheap. The presentation was pretty good, but it was all pretty tasteless. A lot of the seafood seemed like it was still thawing. The seared salmon and the calamari were probably the best of the bunch. Not good enough to make me want to go back though. Sushi Land and Sushiville are better than this place, and there are a lot of places better than them. The place seemed kind of grimy too, which wouldn't bother me too much if the food tasted fresh and delicious, but given that it didn't, it was just another strike against the place.


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