Sunday, April 28, 2013

Café Zupas - On the corner of University Pkwy and 2230 N in Provo, UT

A really good, although fairly typical, soup-salad-sandwich place. I refused to go for a long time because the patrons seemed to be of a stock that I prefer not to be around - the sort of neanderthal that travels in herds and know very little about anything other than how to consume. It usually isn't a problem because that sort tend to stick to places like Chili's and Appleby's. However, once I went here, I realized that I had been missing out.

Despite the fun name and the Ciabatta bread they make their sandwiches with, the food is more American than anything else. They use some good ingredients and have some great menu items. Their desserts are dang good too.


Café Zupas Website

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