Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frying ScotsmanFood carts on 9th and Washington to 10th and Alder in Portland, OR

(This place is about half way between Washington and Alder on 9th)

I met my brother one day at the carts and we both wanted fish and chips, so we hunted around and found a food cart that had it. My brother lived in England for a couple years, and I lived in Australia for a couple years, and every time we have fish and chips, we compare them to England and Australia’s fish and chips. It’s hard to find anything in the states that compares, but this was pretty good stuff. The guy that works there is from somewhere in or around England and his accent made me a little more confident. The batter he uses is unique and I’m not sure what he puts in it, but it’s good stuff. The french fries were sweeter than I expected, almost like sweet potato fries, but I don’t think they were. I would go back again if I was in the mood for fish and chips.


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